An Imperceptible Loss – Weekend Writing Prompt

Title: An Imperceptible Loss
Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt # 145 – Abysmal
Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 93 words

woman standing on cliff

Photo by Mitchell Hartley on Unsplash

You suspected a thunderbolt, exposing a grand drama. The truth wasn’t glamourous.  Dull, daily life was peppered with subtle thoughts, vague feelings, and easy decisions.  A tiny rival of water snaked across flat ground, growing, gaining strength and power until it became a raging river cutting into the landscape and eroding rock-solid canyon walls.

An unbridgeable distance cleaved what once was inseparable. I outgrew my placid past and soon discovered my desire for freedom. There was nothing left to say. We stood staring across an abysmal chasm that echoed the sound of silence.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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