Planning in the Time of COVID-19 – Daily Quote


COVID-19 has created a massive disturbance in the Force our lives. Feeling anxious, depressed, uncertain, angry, or lost are 100% normal responses. More challenges lie ahead as many confront the realities of self-isolation for the next several weeks (or maybe longer) with husbands, wives, kids, or roommates. While we love them, the prospect of spending 24/7 with them for the foreseeable future, presents a challenge. Especially if employers have tasked us with working from home.

Attitude is everything. Remaining positive, while easier said than done, helps everybody adapt. With input from every member of your household, establish a detailed schedule with specific expectations. The temptation is to treat this as an unscheduled vacation, but during chaotic times, everyone responds better with the consistency of a known agenda. We can’t control what happens, but we do choose our response. It’s an excellent idea to fact check your thoughts. If you are worried, address the concern directly, assess how likely your fear is to manifest, and explore the actions you would pursue if it happened. Talk about your concerns with your friends, family, and as appropriate, your children.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed, and be willing to do something, no matter how crazy it might seem. Stand up, go for a walk, empty the garbage, or play hide and seek. Build a blanket fort, plant seeds, bake bread, learn a new skill, and reach out to neighbors, and extended family. Take part in activities that make your soul smile and delights your loved ones. Organize a game of finding the funniest coronavirus memes, tell jokes, and have fun. You may discover being with your family is a pleasure. May the Force be with you.

What strategies are you adopting?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Planning in the Time of COVID-19 – Daily Quote

  1. good points Jo, knew you’d have a list of activities for us to choose from. my kids are working from home but I still need to go into the hospital, we are on limited travel restriction and it has been good to spend time at home with everyone. movies nights, new recipes, board games and helping elderly neighbours get groceries has been on the list. it is such a great time to practice what we are good at. when we focus on the good, the good gets better. and of course there has been lots of writing and reading!

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    • Glad they are helping Gina. I have been coordinating a boat load of things for friends and family and helping out where I can. It is amazing how supportive most people are being. Maybe this afternoon I can get back to a little writing. 🙂 Be well.

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      • In times like this we see the food and bad side of humanity, I am going to focus on the good while being careful about hygiene and contact. You are doing so much, these little tasks add up and you are making people happy and spreading joy. Hope you get to writing sometime and you be well and safe too my dear.

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  2. I like the blanket fort. I’ve been trying to do things I had already started to do. Cull my library, for one thing. I’m trying not to live in an extraordinarily different way, which isn’t true. I’m trying to keep my attitude that way. But i guess as one of those with a challenged immune system, I do have to worry if only to be smart.

    I hope you are keeping well.

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