Finding Joy in Being Alone – Daily Quote


I spend many hours alone. I write alone. I drink my coffee alone, dine alone, and shop alone. My life is perfectly normal when I am alone.

Friends ask if I wouldn’t have more fun with company. They worry I might be lonely.

I enjoy meeting friends, and they provide plenty of entertainment, distractions, and interesting conversations, but the loneliest I have ever felt was in a crowded room. I love hosting house parties, connecting with strangers, and cultivating new friendships. Those interactions, while enjoyable, tax my psyche, and I schedule time to rebalance my life after major events.

The virus has turned our world upside down. American culture values and venerates extroverts. Suddenly, we are experiencing an interest in introverted qualities. Working in groups with endless team meetings are stressors for solitary types. Many writers find productivity in group write-ins. For me, those experiences elicit the opposite effect.

Self-isolation may be the order of the day, yet my daily world remains unchanged. While we do what we must to contain the virus’s spread, I believe those who identify as introverts should offer helpful tips to our extroverted friends. Consider treating this as an opportunity to connect with your inner voice. Learning to talk to yourself can be very revealing. Introspection is easier when without the crush of noise and constant motion.

Busy schedules, and social commitments provide easy excuses for not creating. But when you remove those obstacles, the only one stopping you is you. Cherish this interlude and create, create, create.

Where will you find Joy today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

17 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Being Alone – Daily Quote

  1. I found joy today in writing and later on taking a drive to nowhere in particular. I was pretty much on my own except for a brief time when I made a delivery to some friends in self-quarantine. I feel the strangeness in this time as well as the apprehension. I share both to an extent, though not the time alone.

    I hope you are well and stay that way.


  2. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts. Being alone is the beauty of finding ones real self, inner strength, Values and resilience. I have re-blogged, Have a wonderful day. KeepWell. Keep Safe.

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