Animal Instinct – Dee | Grammy’s Grid Writing Prompt

Title: Animal Instinct
Source:  Dee | Grammy’s Grid Writing Prompt
Word count: 75 words

tiger photograph

Photo by Prashant Saini on Unsplash

Hunger burns the pit of my stomach. My focus narrows and all I see is you. Imagination fuels my senses. I smell the sweat of your body and taste sweet flesh with my lips. My muscles twitch and yet I wait.

I know the moment you see me, our eyes lock in undeniable attraction.

You come willingly, eagerly, sinking your claws deep into my heart before you leave.

And I wonder, “Who is the animal?”


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Right, exactly…who really is the animal? Sorry you missed linking up at the animal 75 prompt party before it ended on the 24th. I’m hoping to do one every other Wednesday and let it be open for 7 days each time.

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