The Beauty of Challenges Faced – Daily Quote


There is a Spanish saying, “No hay rosa sin espinas.” The translation is, “There are no roses without thorns. Life is rampant with contradictions. Life, death, light, dark, good, evil, ancient, modern, ying, and yang.  Many believe our purpose is to find happiness, become rich, or attain enlightenment. But what if the actual reason is to experience and appreciate everything the world offers? Do we not welcome the warmth of the summer sun after the frigid temperatures of winter? Drought sweetens a thunderstorm, navigating rough waters heightens the joy of smooth sailing, and the coronavirus creates gratitude for our health.

There is evidence suggesting when we face challenges, we improve our existence. You know the adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Weightlifting tones muscles, solving problems strengthens confidence. Devising creative solutions keeps your mind nimble and amplifies your sense of achievement. When we look at difficulties in a unique light, we can see them as opportunities. They are the catalysts of growth, and a reminder to live to the fullest, experiencing the exhilaration of the highest highs, and even the despair the lowest lows.

It also increases your compassion for others. You can’t walk in someone else’s shoes, but your path may have exposed you to similar situations, which enhances your empathy. Empathy produces better people. Shared experiences unite humans in a common cause against a mutual adversary. Maybe this virus is not the scourge it seems. By fighting a microscopic enemy we are developing closer relationships with family and friends, helping strangers, and finding innovative ways to manufacture needed supplies.

Will you embrace today’s challenges?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

17 thoughts on “The Beauty of Challenges Faced – Daily Quote

  1. Normally…I too would agree. Like many others, I experienced separation from loved ones in WW2, grief several times, cancer and other health issues, but benefitted hugely when peace came, rationing stopped and, later, my health improved. The dark clouds gave way to sunshine….and the relief, benefits and joy made me more appreciative and more of an empath. How welcome is Spring because of Winter?! But now – although I am extraordinarily lucky to have my husband,and caring sons, I feel so helpless regarding several friends and acquaintances who live alone in these dark times, two with serious health issues. I am a Humanist and don’t pray, but my heart-felt wishes for them are as deeply felt. The telephone and laptop certainly shine at such times! Take good care everyone. Cheers!

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    • You have faced some extraordinary challenges in your life Joy. I can tell your will and your strength have been forged in fire. It is normal to feel helpless especially in today’s crisis when the best thing we can do is stay at home. Technology has been so beneficial in keeping us connected and informed. Facetime, online conferences and silly cat videos can all brighten our day. Stay safe, my friend. 🙏❤


  2. articulate and wise, to look at every challenge as an endurance race. balancing the positives with the negatives gives better perspective of these times. we have lived a charmed life, earth needs renewal, people need a jolt into changing bad habits, focus on family and friends has never been so important like now. thank you for highlighting these points Jo.

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Gina. In times like these it is difficult to maintain objectivity and easy to react emotionally. It is human nature. While we do need to react, make changes and face facts, it is important we do so in calm, thoughtful and measured ways. Stay well, my friend.

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