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“Happy Easter” seems so understated, anti-climactic, and wistful this year. The transition from sluggish winter to Spring exuberance is overshadowed by feelings of isolation, confusion, and grief. Everyone is struggling with the fallout from the virus. Data indications the spread is slowing, but nothing is certain. Humans are social, and in challenging times we come together for support. A practice that is contrary to scientific advice.

This time of year has a long tradition in surviving dark, difficult days. History tells us our ancestors face dwindling stores of food. Hunger was a reality to be survived until spring restored the land and provided new sources of sustenance. There is evidence of ancient civilizations holding vernal celebrations. The season of renewal seems premature. We link celebrations with overcoming adversity or reaching our goals. Yet we are still practicing safe social contact and are adjusting to new ways of thinking.

Family members have arranged watch parties. We coordinate online service attendance, apart and still together. Through Internet connections, we hold hands. Hope unites us and strengthens us. We honor the sacrifices, no matter how small, each of us makes every day, secure in the knowledge we will defeat the virus.

How will you celebrate today?


Keep on writing.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Easter – Daily Quote

  1. We will celebrate at home, by ourselves, but may later speak to our children via Duo or Skype thankful that we have yet another day to carry on and do our part during this unusual time in our history. May read some, watch some TV, do some Sudoko, write, and just be thankful for what we have at this moment in history. Stay safe and Happy Easter.

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    • It sounds like you have a lovely day planned, Irwin. This really is an unusual period, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the largely positive responses exhibited by people around the world. I wish you continued good health and a Happy Easter. 🌷🐰🌷


  2. Yesterday was spent alone at home with David. I called my father and step-mother and sent some Happy Easter messages out to friends and family. I’m more used to sunny weather, being outside, maybe getting some of the garden cleaned out…It has been tough but it will be okay I hope.

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