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Tea and alcohol have been common beverage choices for over 5,000 years, making coffee a relative newcomer. Evidence of coffee drinking shows up in Yemen in the 15th century. Some denounced it as devil’s brew, but coffee had its champions. When an Ottoman clergyman shuttered local coffee houses, the Sultan executed him and reopened the shops. Coffee spread to Venice, where a priest called it a “bitter invention of Satan.” Pope Clement VIII dared to sample the curious liquid and hailed it a gift from God.

Who am I to argue with Sultans and Popes? Drip coffee offers a full pot of convenience, a French press exudes robust goodness, and a pour-over provides airy brightness. I have roughed it with an old-fashioned camp-style percolator and enjoyed intense espresso. I am an equal opportunity coffee drinker. Fast food brew, bad diner java, and coffee house specialties are a welcome start to any day. Whether they serve it in a paper cup, a restaurant-grade mug, or fine china, there is something special about having coffee prepared for you. As much as I like to make my coffee at home, I miss sitting at a shop and writing or meeting with friends for a good gossip session. Their list of add-ons reminds me of ice cream Sunday toppings.

But I am a purist and avoid sugar, cream or other additions to my cup. Henry is correct, the only thing I want with my morning coffee is another cup of coffee. And maybe a Danish.

How do you take your coffee?


Keep on writing.

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Indulgence – Daily Quote

  1. It all depends on who you read or what your own intuition tells you as to whether coffee or tea is better for the human body. Speaking for myself though, I love that first cup of brewed coffee in the morning. I used to use a Keurig machine – you know – pop a coffee pod into the machine, press a button and – Walla – a cup of coffee.

    However, for the paltry sum of $8.88 at Walmart I was able to buy myself a small drip coffeemaker and well, what can I say – as we get older – simpler things in life make us happy. Like coffee with no additives from a drip coffee maker so we can hear the coffee brew so to speak.
    There is something about listening to the drip coffee maker brewing the coffee for you. As for tea, well, I usually like my tea iced unless I am having chamomile tea (although I have been known to make that iced as well). But I usually save the iced tea for lunch and the chamomile tea for just before bed.

    Prior to our “lockdown” we used to go to our clubhouse every Saturday morning for coffee and donuts (I an apple fritter and Dolly a chocolate frosted, custard filled, long john). Oh, how we miss those days.
    Can’t wait til we have coffee and donuts with our friends once again.

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    • When I was at home at drip coffee maker was my go-to, but when the hotel discontinued morning breakfast service, their coffee disappeared too. I was able to access storage and retrieve my French press, so all was not lost. I will admit it was touch and go there for a few hours.

      Yes I will be happy to meet friends for coffee once again. We have lots to look forward to these days.

      Hope you have a great weekend, Irwin.


  2. I’ve been drinking my coffee black after disliking it with cream and sugar at my first go. These days, I start with doppio on my porch and couple mugs from my drip maker, the beans ground the night before. I was barista before anyone knew what Starbucks was but I ain’t no snob and agree that it always tastes better when someone else makes it. Thanks!

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    • Jerry, you are a wise man. I can’t abide by cream and sugar in my coffee and like you my first drink told me that black was the way to go. I have never worked as a barista, but I do own a restaurant espresso machine and I know how to use it. 😊☕ I hope you have a great week.


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