Winning by Consistently Failing to Quit – Daily Quote


It is easy to fall behind. You set goals, make plans, create schedules, and the world intervenes. The result is you flounder, miss the mark, and call yourself a failure. Your great plan lays in ruins. Thinking in black and white terms, there is only happiness or disappointments. Caving into rigid comparisons, without accounting for unforeseen circumstances, can encourage you to forsake your dreams. Thankfully, colors have countless shades and success can be measured in degrees.

Life ebbs and flows. A writing session may see words appear on the screen without effort. At the next scheduled session, your fingers can’t communicate with the keyboard. Your distracted mind wants to do something, anything else. You raise the white flag and surrender to writer’s block.

But you can’t relinquish your dream. You are somebody’s hero. Consistency is key, you must create within the day’s constraints. Write a single sentence, a poorly constructed sentence, or scrawl random thoughts across a blank page. If you do your best, if you compose what you can, then you are already a winner.

How many words will you write today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

2 thoughts on “Winning by Consistently Failing to Quit – Daily Quote

  1. I wrote poetry today, some few hundred words, I guess. I revised what I wrote, then selected a poem to post. Most days go like this. You have a different obligation with prose. I guess you have to write much more for exposition, action or recommendation (fiction or nonfiction, respectively), and overall clarity. That is a great deal and I imagine goes into great numbers. I appreciate citing Cassandra Clare who writes prolifically in style as well as product.

    Thanks. I hope you’re really well.

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    • I applaud you Christopher. I have no talent for composing poetry. Writing 250 words would most like correlate to me writing a single couplet. That being said it is one of my favorite forms for reading. Keep on writing and stay well.


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