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I am no stranger to stress, anxiety, or bouts of depression. The first warning sign for me is insomnia. Bedtime started a futile exercise of clock watching and counting dark minutes where every tick-tock mocks my inability to fall asleep. The morning dawns with blood-shot eyes and exhaustion. Sleepless nights follow fatigue filled days whose end elicit dread. Wakeful darkness becomes torture.

Studies say meditation helps manage these feelings, and from experience, it works. But when I return to a more regular practice, I yawn. The sandman sits on my eyelids, and I often snooze. My meditation process is not making me sleep, but it is allowing me to relax to where I can enter the land of nod.

Meditating and falling asleep have similarities. Remembering how to self-calm, let go, notice, and respect what your body is telling you is a wonderful release. There are additional benefits to both plenty of sleep and finding your Third Eye. A centered and rested mind releases creative ideas and makes unique and unexpected connections. Stories unfold, and the subconscious interpretations bubble to the surface.

Sundays present the perfect opportunity to pour a cup of tea, find a comfy spot, and embrace your inner Om. And if anyone asks, you can always call it a nap.

How do you relax?


Keep on writing.

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