The Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center – Daily Quote


I am not living in a beautiful woodsy cabin where I can commune with nature. Gentle sea breezes do not waft through my gloriously appointed palm hut with beach access. There are no chef-prepared gourmet meals delivered at predictable hours with linen napkins. Celebratory cocktails served at the end of a productive studio day have not materialized.

My acceptance arrived without a lengthy application process, project proposals, resumes or references required. The cosmos shook up the usual environment and provided the world with time to reflect, research, and produce creative works. My writing desk has morphed, transformed into command central for my everyday activities.

My laptop is the window that reveals museum treasures during online tours. I congregate with other writers in virtual rooms for writing sprints, critiques, and camaraderie. E-courses help me study my craft, learn novel approaches and techniques, and plant seeds for fresh stories. Cook-along videos encourage me to attempt to prepare meals I would never have considered during normal circumstances. Who needs a chef? My bartender is adept with the plastic screw top on the wine box, and a red solo cup is a worthy substitute for crystal stemware.

The residency is having its desired effect. Creativity is brewing, ideas bubble below the surface, and my fingers are eager to type.

How is your residency going?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “The Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center – Daily Quote

  1. I agree, this is a time to focus on our writing. I am taking some online courses, but also want to learn how to do sketchbook art. I’m learning that we ALL have an artists in us, just takes practice… like everything in life, right. 🙂

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  2. sounds like we are both living similar lives! besides the usual work at the hospital I am actually enjoying this sat at home order for us here now. I get to talk with family and friends on a more regular basis and write more without distraction. Plus side is I have bartender and chef who likes trying out new recipes and drinks for me to sample! I am really enjoying the Shakespeare plays and concerts, we have donated to various charities and needy organisations. A small contribution but feeling part of the global response. thank you for being constant with your posts, I may no comment on every one of them but I do read and really appreciate your effort and love your content.

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    • You are lucky to have help in the cooking and bar tending fields. I’m afraid I shoulder those responsibilities and some days I forget until my stomach reminds me. 🙂 I have been watching Patrick Stewart read his daily Shakespeare sonnet. They are lovely.

      I am happy you enjoy my posts. They have become part of my daily routine and the spur me to try to do more. Knowing even one other person finds value in them is enough reason to continue. Have a great day, my friend.💕


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