Pushing the Limits of Danger for Rich Rewards – Daily Quote


Humans like to push the envelope, fight in the arena, blaze new trails, and test the limits of known possibilities. Every individual has a unique set of tolerable risks and different definitions of danger. Not all mountaineers want to climb Mount Everest, some prefer to base jump from a two-thousand-foot cliff. If we are lucky, we attain a precise balance of risk versus reward. In accessing our tolerance, we consider the special skills we possess, the advantages we have honed with practice, and we define our compelling reason.

There are a thousand reasons to quit, to snuggle into a safe place, and hide. But quitting is easy and doesn’t fulfill the soul. To succeed, you must dig deep, identify your main purpose, your motivation to groom your mental, and fortify your physical strength. Resolve pushes you to discover the unknown. When others would stop, determination keeps you going.

What pushes you to create your story?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Pushing the Limits of Danger for Rich Rewards – Daily Quote

  1. so much truth in this post Jo. I have put off pet projects to work on deadlines and never got back to it. To me, the dream is the inspiration, I just recently completed the first draft of a novel I started back in 2016! What pushed me? My dream to see the story told.

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