Imposing Limits to Increase Productivity – Daily Quote


The blank page intimidates some writers. They claim they feel the pressure of needing to produce perfection in the first draft. Others insist they are waiting for inspiration from their divine muse. The underlying issue might be less ephemeral, and easier to solve.

Salespeople know the axiom that says a confused mind will not buy. Faced with multiple choices, a customer’s knee jerk reaction is “no.” Extensive options, confusion, and uncertainty are ingredients in the recipe called Disaster. Seeking to avoid the risk of making a mistake, we walk away. The lesson for anyone in sales is to present minimal selections, straightforward explanations, and foregone conclusions. When the decision is obvious, humans act. We want clarity and simple answers.

Why wouldn’t the same principle apply to authors? A writer’s imagination teams with an immense selection of stories they want to tell. Confronted with unlimited possibilities, we can’t decide. Inaction and lack of productivity is the logical result of an author without a solid strategy. Before I open my document, I devise a plan, zeroing in on my writing goals. My marching orders are precise, limited in scope, and assume a definite end. By limiting options, the universe opens. I get excited and look forward to discovering what I can create from bits and bobs and small ideas. The results always amaze me, and they fuel my desire to continue writing.

What will you create today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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    • You are so right. The important thing is to keep working until we end with words on the page. I am a total panster and part of the enchantment is watching the structure develop. Happy writing, my friend.

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  2. This is extremely cogent work, beginning with the quotation you selected. I simply wrote then wrote some more. I must admit, I felt pretty blank today. Your approach is impressive.

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