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Every month I review my goals. I try to remain objective. I don’t pass judgment or beat myself up for doing less than I planned.  Numbers, facts, and an honest assessment of my current position help me determine how I got to this place today. Two details hit me hard this month. The first was how much the crisis derailed my hustle. Uncertainty, anxiety, and concern for my family had a profound impact on my normal productivity. The second realization was the fast approach of this year’s midway point.

Realizing you are substantially off-target is not pleasant. Many people’s reactions demand they press harder, double up, and do more. They add an extra hour to their day, cancel scheduled time off, or vow to focus. This tactic works in situations where you might have a slight timing issue. If you set aggressive and detailed calendars, with tight deadlines like I do, the prospect of an increased workload is not attractive. It may not be sustainable in the long run. While I live by my to-do list, I would much rather succeed. My answer is to simplify.

My list for this year’s priorities shrank, and I focused on my most important goals. The goals are still ambitious, but they are also within my ability to accomplish without compromising my sanity. I have eliminated, reduced, or set aside less important targets. No one wants to fall short, but life happens, and priorities must change. Living a calm, and fulfilled life is not negotiable.

Have your annual goals changed?


Keep on writing.

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  1. I hope your anxieties about family have lessened and all are safe. There was a time at the start of the pandemic news that left me paralysed, I just did the necessary and hid in my books. I am not much of a planner but in the last few weeks have been productive, I feel I have done more than in past years because I forced myself to focus. Take care Jo. And cheering you on with your next set of goals.

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    • Thank you, Gina. Everyone is well. I think we have returned to the normal every day level of concern for the most part. Enacting contingency plans kept me busy. 😊 But now it is time to find the way forward. Yes, like you I feel we have turned a corner in the last couple of weeks. Everything is going to be okay.

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