Freedom to Choose the Possibility of Failure – Daily Quote


Outsiders often think creative people can do whatever they wish. You wield great power when you are the boss. But freedom comes with an equal measure of responsibility. The creative must manage every step in the creative process, from idea generation, creating the work, marketing, selling, managing submissions, to staying organized and on target. With luck, they invent a strategy that gets results.

It is a wonderful feeling when you devise a blueprint that works. The design’s strictures can lead us to question the wisdom of messing with the constructs of a proven method. Success raises the cost of failure. Making an adjustment is intimidating, and choosing a different path is frightening.

We can’t stop taking risks or trying a fresh direction. Picasso’s works exemplified radical change. He began with realism, switching to what they now call his Blue Period and his work continued to evolve. Each innovation he undertook, carried the possibility that no one would buy his art. But each stage allowed him to grow as an artist. His evolution strengthened him.

When we take risks, we run the chance of failing.  But we can’t let the fear of failure stop us from doing what we were born to do.

Is there a project which frightens you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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