Slow Is A Matter of Perspective – Daily Quote


I’m not a patient person. My modus operandi is setting huge goals and compiling long to-do lists as I schedule my daily and weekly tasks.  Friends and family tell me I am too optimistic, too unrealistic, and too driven. They caution me to decrease my breakneck speed, saying I will burn out and quit. But that only makes things worse. They don’t understand, and with them standing in my way, they make my job more difficult.

I admit I am very Type A and prone to adopting an “I’ll-just-do-it-myself” mentality. But it helps me accomplish my projects without wasting time. I do my best not to roll my eyes when others tell meandering stories. I don’t tap my foot when they can’t decide, and I don’t blow a gasket when they arrive twenty minutes late. The explosion happened at the appointed hour when they were officially late. Spending even two minutes ranting to myself exasperates the issue. Better to complete classwork, send emails, or write on my phone’s note-taking app.

I can appreciate slow. Sometimes I downshift into low gear. They say it is necessary and healthy to disengage and relax. I take days away from work. I can do nothing—for a while. Extended periods of rest and relaxation increases my stress, it grates on my nerves, my anxiety escalates, and I can’t sit still. I pace the floors, roaming from room to room, desperate to find an activity to keep my hands and mind engaged.  I know I will attain my goals because I cannot stop.

How do you relax?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  2. I sympathise. My husband deliberates over every decision. When we’re walking the dogs I can’t actually walk as slowly as he does. (As a young constable, pounding the beat in the early seventies, he was advised to walk slowly because he would notice more. And he’s had two new hips and a triple heart bypass.) I lose patience with his failure to spot the link I’m telling him to click on the computer screen.
    The truth is, I probably intimidate him (and he’s not above playing it up to wind me up) so I try to keep my impatience in check.
    It isn’t only David, I find I lose patience more often these days – with the dogs under my feet in the kitchen; with inanimate objects (especially when they fall from my fingers); with people who ask stupid questions on Quora that have been the subject of newsreel discussion ad nauseam (where have they been?). I seemed to find patience to listen to my kids when they were growing up…
    Or did I?
    Maybe I just have more tome to observe myself now?

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    • Oh, Cathy. I think we are cut from the same cloth. Children, animals and small appliance get a buy in my book. The poor darlings just don’t understand, yet. 😊 Meetings are my downfall. I have never been in one I enjoyed.

      Here is wishing you and your husband have a great day 💕👍😊

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