The Promise of a Great Story – Daily Quote


Has anyone ever asked you to tell them a story? How can any author, writer, storyteller, poet, narrator, or bard resist the request? Their pulse quickens, their hearts leap, and their minds race. The anticipation builds to a crescendo, and wide vistas of possibilities stretch their imagination’s outer limits. They relish the chance to witness the creation of a memorable adventure. The audience has high expectations as their gaze falls expectantly on the storyteller.

Stories have power. From ancient times, cavemen gathered around the safety of the night’s fire. The best orator of the tribe arrived to help her small group learn from their collective experiences. Her words supported them by acknowledging share feelings, forging deeper bonds, and uniting them into one powerful unit. Her fireside chats developed a shared legacy. The legends provided a sense of place and meaning in the mysterious world beyond the campfire.

The strongest stories are bridges between the author and the reader. They offer an unspoken promise of connection, and tension defines the relationship. The reader wants to be entertained, but an entertaining tale is too easily digested and is soon forgotten.

The writer knows phenomenal tales take everyone on a wild ride of twists, turns, and unfathomable events that spiral downward into a pit of dire circumstances. Surprises abound, and an unforgettable scene unfolds when their security blanket is transformed into an instrument of almost certain death. Careful manipulation saves them with an ultimate act of valor that leaves them all breathless. If the storyteller has done well, the conclusion arrives with everyone clamoring for more.

What story will you tell today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “The Promise of a Great Story – Daily Quote

  1. What story will you tell today? Great question. I just did something completely new. At work (library) they put out a call for verbal book reviews to load on our youtube channel. I took and old rambling blog post and distilled it down to a review, recorded it and uploaded it to youtube. What a neat experience. I’m pleased with the result.

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    • Wow, Jeff. That sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on trying something new. l have been wanting to do some recordings, but I lack bandwidth at the moment. You have encouraged me to give it a go. 👍

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  2. I had some six-foot conversations today with friends. I listened to their stories of one friend having just moved and a group of friends, a family, dealing with the pandemic. I told stories of my recent medical adventures–over the phone, at the pharmacy, and this week in the doctor’s office–with all the strange concessions to this time. i talked about my family, their adventures. I talked at length about my brother who’s a theatre director in Nashville and who collaborates on creative projects with Dolly Parton. My friends seem to enjoy hearing about him.

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    • Those sound like great stories, Christopher. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time, even if it was just to commiserate. Dolly Parton? Really? Your bother is a lucky man. Though I suppose the theater industry is a big question mark at the moment. Creativity, seems to rule our days. Glad you had a good time. 💗


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