Brave Enough to Begin – Daily Quote


Mother Nature forges ahead with her own agenda. She doesn’t wait for everything to be perfect before she begins. To herald the season’s metamorphosis, she sends spring flowers. Late snowstorms dump two feet of the white fluffy stuff way past the date the calendar says it should snow. Thunderstorms, torrential downpours, flash flooding, and tornados don’t keep her from coaxing crocus, tulips, lily of the valley, and blood-red peony stalks above ground.

They brave inclement weather and hostile conditions. They may hope for gentle breezes, sunny skies, and tender rain, but life gives them no guarantees. If they have any hope of growing, blooming, and reaching their full potential, they must take risks. Faced with uncertainty, they begin anyway.

Are you dreaming of a beginning?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Begin – Daily Quote

  1. I’m reminded of forsythia. When I lived in southern Ohio, the forsythia came early in the spring. Then there would be frost, and the forsythia would be done until trying next year. Risk-takers among flowers.

    Dreaming of a new beginning? Hmm, dreaming. That’s a good way to ask that. I’m often thinking of what I’d really like to do, which involves going to school for special training. I make small tries, but mostly I’m still dreaming.

    I hope you are having a fine and healthy weekend.

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    • Yes, forsythia. They are the harbingers of hope. Learning never stops, and somehow I feel I never know enough. It makes me wonder how anyone can call themselves and expert.

      Today is good, a sunny warm day, an interlude between thunderstorms. At least they are predicting more rain for Sunday after the 5.5″ we had yesterday. A good day for writing.


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