Dark Encounter – Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: Dark Encounter
Source:  Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that answers the question, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you are in absolute danger?”
Word count:  99 words

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I stayed too late. Perils line the path home, and no guiding lights pierce the darkness to keep dangers at bay.

A rustling bush. I freeze. Frozen. Heightened awareness, my senses alerted to keep me alive.

Muscles tense, heart pounds, breath held, pupils dilate. My mouth fills with cotton balls.

Grasses sway without a breeze, an inky silhouette and steely eyes regard me. Somehow, they seem as surprised as I.

Flight or fight. Fight or Flight.

Sinews prepare for action as we stare, access, evaluate.

Golden orbs wink, I inhale and dip my chin.

Tonight, we go separate ways.


Keep on writing.

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  1. Dark Encounter
    Source: Flash Fiction Challenge – word count 99 words

    Something was bothering him when he entered my office unannounced.
    “Why would you call me crazy in front of the entire staff?” he said.
    It came flowing back to me quickly.
    A group of my employees were discussing winning the lotto and I chimed in with my two cents:
    “Who in their right mind would continue working after winning the lotto?”
    Before I could answer, he had me pinned up against the glass window threatening to push me through to the courtyard three floors below.
    All I could think of was not seeing my wife and children ever again!


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