Ensuring A Busy Day Isn’t A Waste of Time – Daily Quote


I detest having to deal with trivial tasks that do nothing to move me closer to achieving my goals. I ignore, delegate, or pay to minimize them. Still, certain obligations require my attention. Since I like to pretend to be a responsible person, there is only so long I can delay the inevitable. So, I set another goal, one where I accomplish the dirty deeds in the most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible. Grouping these repugnant duties, and dispatching them all at once, makes them less obnoxious. Every few weeks, I schedule a busy-ness day.

On the appointed day, I create a game plan and trick myself into completing as many of the horrible necessities as I can manage. I map my route, and with my agenda in my hand, I stand at the starting line. The starter’s gun fires and the race begins. I dash around the house, a maniac on a mission, while the clock measures my efficiency, and I frantically cross items from my list. Time expires, I collapse, exhausted. There is a touch of self-satisfaction, and of course, a well-deserved reward. Tomorrow I can return to more productive and fruitful work.

How do you ensure your busy day bears fruit?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Ensuring A Busy Day Isn’t A Waste of Time – Daily Quote

  1. your post made me think about time tables. we had them in school, we were encouraged to also have a daily time time table out of school hours, a simple tool to structure our days. this was good training to help prioritize which was important, when was rest, when was play and exercise as well as when to see to routine tasks.

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    • That sounds like very good training. Other than the imposed bells to signal the beginning and end of each class, I’m not sure we ever received any instructions on the finer points of creating a schedule. You were lucky. 🙂

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