In Honor of Our Heroes on Memorial Day – Daily Quote


This year our definition of the word hero expanded exponentially. Every perilous situation confronted by humans tests the core values of humanity. Far from the attainment of admiration, glory, and fame lavished on the classical god-like hero, our modern-day heroes are forged from simple, obscure, and ordinary people who perform extraordinary feats. Try to laud them for their remarkable efforts, and they will respond by saying “I only did what anyone would do.”

True heroes see beyond the limits set by the timid. They somehow surmount impossible obstacles, to follow their rock-solid belief that the world can be a better place. Their hearts know that freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked. They dare to confront the unknown, blaze a path, and light the way to an improved future.

This Memorial Day, remember the heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice. By their example, we discover the struggle for humankind is worthwhile. Heroes create a higher standard of acceptable human behavior and challenge us to honor their memory, by altering our thoughts and actions.

How will you remember your heroes?


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