In Defense of ‘Trashy’ Beach Novels- Daily Quote


I am a voracious reader. My preferred reading style is to consume books, from beginning to end, in a single sitting. I’ve never possessed the required discipline, or desire, to limit myself to a chapter before bed and then laying the book aside until the next night. I’m much more likely to read until dawn. Perhaps I am impatient. Books in a series present the same challenges of a marathon. I plan and schedule accordingly and can finish trilogies in a weekend.

The pace is not sustainable if you have multiple interests. The result is my reading takes on a seasonal feel. There are definite periods when my reading list shrinks precipitously, and seasons when it grows taller than a skyscraper. My selections allow me to explore unknown worlds, discover captivating facts, and entertain controversial viewpoints. The books unlock diverse thoughts and create interesting connections that further fuel my desire to read.

Summer is coming, daylight lasts longer, and all those ‘trashy’ beach novels are calling. Next is an essay or twelve, a historical piece, a poetry collection, an epic fantasy series, a business book, a memoir, and a few “must-reads” referred to me by friends. Is it any wonder I never make it to the end of my list?

How do you like to read?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “In Defense of ‘Trashy’ Beach Novels- Daily Quote

  1. The quotation is especially well-selected. Nearly any reading’s good. (And I’ve enjoyed reading Lippman’s novels set in Baltimore.) There are bad things to read; but most of the time it’s the trashy-beachy kind that is defended. As it should be. I admire the versatility and range of your reading. And your dedicated way of reading. My dad read in your way. I’m afraid I don’t. I read slowly and in patches. I should wonder I became an English teacher.

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    • I’m glad you liked the quote. I am always curious about people’s reading habits, or lack thereof. There are season when I don’t read much. Feast or famine as they say, but I love the single sitting read. Honoring other obligations is often my biggest hurdle, with this approach.


  2. you sound like me or rather your reading list sounds like mine! it never dwindles! I like goodreads for keeping track of my reading. I also appreciate belonging to a book club, I am reading books I would never have thought to pick up. Non fiction reading is still my weak point, I usually prefer nature and history not current issues. I also read multiple books at a time.

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    • Oh, you have my admiration, Gina. I don’t like reading multiple books. I can sometimes manage, if one of them is a collection of poetry or short stories. About the only thing I avoid is romance and horror. Goodreads is a great tool… when I remember to update it

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