A Dangerous Morning Drinking Game? – Daily Quote

I get grief from some people when they realize how much coffee I drink daily. Nobody wants to see me first thing in the morning before the two-cup minimum required to humanize me. Mornings find me short-tempered, easily provoked, and aggressive towards anything that crosses my path. Pity the fool who gets between me and my first dose of medication. It seems like I might have the last laugh as a 2017 study determined those who drink coffee live longer than those who don’t.

There is also a study conducted to determine if the brewing method made a difference. It surprised me to learn methods using a filter showed the greatest correlation to longevity. The study states a filter “removes most of the coffee lipids (cafestol and kahweol) which have shown to raise cholesterol levels.” I enjoy my French press and an evening cup of Greek or Turkish coffee or Italian espresso, and I wonder about the benefits of the single-serve brewers besides convenience. My morning ritual uses a classic standby, my drip coffeemaker. I have nicknamed mine, “The Fountain of Youth.”

What is your favorite coffee-making method?


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Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “A Dangerous Morning Drinking Game? – Daily Quote

  1. Two STRONG cups is my morning minimum. Yesterday, I was in a hurry to get out of the house to go for a run. I thought I’d take the 2nd cup on the 40 minute drive. Aargh! I left home without it. Had to wait 2.5 hours for that second and third cup.

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