Finding Success on Shifting Sands – Daily Quote


Sand dunes are shaped by the wind. When tiny grains of sand encounter an obstacle, they build one upon the other, rising to astounding heights. Success dances along the shifting line delineating the dune’s windward side and its slip face. Stability on a dune is nonexistent. Gales relentlessly pound, driving sand, forcing it to the top where it slides or rolls down the opposite surface.

Achieving our targets are often just as elusive. We believe we are on the right path, the one guaranteed to bring us what we desire. But the terrain changes, the wind changes, we change. Our goals don’t have to remain static, instead, as we evolve, they can morph and develop. The choice lies in our interpretation.

What is your definition of success? 


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Finding Success on Shifting Sands – Daily Quote

  1. It’s relieving to hear that goals, even ones we’ve had in mind for a while, can change–evolve or maybe change altogether.

    In response to the question, what comes to mind is this. Having enough. Having peace.

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    • Finding peace is part of the journey. Some days we are lucky. I totally believe goals can and should change. There is no point pursing something if it no longer serves us. That for me is enough. 💗


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