Remembering the Joy of Creation – Daily Quote


Do you remember when crayons, paint, paper, glitter, and glue were your friends? I know you made masterpieces worthy of museum display. You know the famous wall that doubled as a refrigerator door? With fingers full of magic and traces of dazzling brilliance in our hair, we let our imaginations run wild. We created fantastical worlds and wonderful stories set beneath lemon-yellow suns smiling on stick-figure heroes, and lollipop trees.

Somewhere, somehow, something changed. As self-awareness developed, our joy dissolved. We compared our results with others, teachers assigned grades, and we hid our artistic efforts and denied our creativity. But talent lives inside every human being. We should not limit the field to painting, drawing, singing, or playing an instrument.

When you solve a math problem or design seating chart, you are tapping into your creativity. Anytime you allow yourself to daydream, plan a vacation, or cook a meal you are creating. Generating multiple ideas, considering different points of view, and helping another in need, means you are tapping your creative core. Finding novel connections between disparate things, so-called thinking outside the box also qualifies. Genius, imagination, and original thoughts emanate from every one of us.

Will you find the courage to create beauty today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Remembering the Joy of Creation – Daily Quote

  1. I used to work with children and was happy to bring crayons, paper, glue, and glitter into their lives.

    I’m afraid the only creative thing I did today was write. And move some things around in the kitchen.

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    • Writing is a very creative endeavor, Christopher, and cleaning helps me write better. Or at least it remove the excuses I often have standing in the way. Congratulations on a productive day.


  2. that self awareness also created a lot of self consciousness in my opinion – we forget to just let our gifts flow – i appreciate this reminder to go with the flow – thank you Jo

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