Discovering Everyday Angels – Daily Quote


Have you ever wished you could see angels? Sometimes we wish for a sign, a clue to show you the right direction, the best choice, the correct path, anything to help you develop into a smarter, wiser, or an all-around better human. I have searched billboards, fortune cookie slogans, horoscopes, and messages in discarded bottles. They always disappoint me.

When the world seems full of hate, division, and animosity, I meet everyday angels. No, they don’t sport massive wings, wear shiny halos and flowing gowns, and choirs don’t burst into song when they arrive. They manifest as a call from a distant friend who knows the exact words to ease a worried mind. It is the friendly wave from the stranger you encounter on your daily walk.

Compassion manifests when a person materializes to open a door when you carry a heavy burden. Insight forms when a cashier offers a random comment that answers your most worrisome question, and the barista who recommends a life-changing book. Many dismiss these instances as coincidence, a fluke, or serendipity. I like to use them as inspiration.

Fairytales, fiction, and flights of fantasy with wizards and magic reflect these real-life happenings. Those moments of kindness and goodwill confirms my belief in the improbable, divine intervention, and the underlying generosity inherent in every living being. I embrace optimism and trust we will forge a remarkable future.

Will you become an everyday angel?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

23 thoughts on “Discovering Everyday Angels – Daily Quote

  1. It is a wonderful day when you meet an everyday angel. Those people whose smile instantly improves your day, or a thoughtful gesture which makes you feel blessed…
    There are more of them out there than you realise…

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  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever been an angel. But I do believe in the importance of small things, and I think angels often get involved this way. Maybe I can serve.

    The quotation by Coelho is terrific.

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