Transforming Sleepless Nights into Productive Writing Time – Daily Quote


On countless evenings, I find I cannot sleep. My brain won’t stop, it races, obsessively testing ideas, possibilities, and contemplating the question ‘what if?’ I have long since learned my lesson, there will be no rest. I relinquish my control, leave my bed, and write. Other nights I am jolted from my dreams by some cosmic alarm clock, I clutch a brilliant idea like a lightsaber slashing through the dark. Once again, I stumble to my desk, power on the laptop to transcribe the dream. The stories refuse to be pushed aside.

Creating stories and telling tales flows in my blood, and I schedule writing sessions every day. But I do give myself a break from my normal routine on the days when my brain refused to register that I should have been sleeping.

Do you write at unusual times?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Transforming Sleepless Nights into Productive Writing Time – Daily Quote

  1. When I have those middle of the night inspirations, I always think “I should go write that down.” And then I think “No, I won’t forget this one, it’s too good.” And then I forget it. Every time.

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  2. You describe this well, and yes I’ve had that problem as well. It happened last night, after I read this entry. (So thanks a lot–kidding!) It’s a toss-up. I can get up and write or stay down and stew. Last night after stewing, I got up and wrote.

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    • Sorry, Christopher. (or not 😊) Hitting on the right answer is a losing proposition. I’ve decided to cut my losses, quit guessing, and just get up and write. Hope you had a productive writing session. 👍


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