Whistling While You Work Helps You Through Difficult Days – Daily Quote


Some weeks have an easy flow, everything goes as planned, events fall neatly into place, the world turns on its axis, and the sun rises in the east. Then we experience periods that try our souls. We encounter roadblocks, red lights, and unexpected problems in quick succession. Saying our plans are a disaster is an understatement. There is an answer to every challenge confronting you, but solutions only surface when we commit to doing the work, pulling apart the snarls, and creating unique ways to smooth the road ahead.

The process is stressful, and it requires long hours, determination, and a resolve to never give up. The recipe produces tension and anxiety. Music offers a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and gain the fortitude to move forward. You can’t hold on to your stress while the melody plays, your toe taps, and you sing uplifting words.

Reading allows us to escape. We can forget our reality, the endless difficulties, and enjoy a marvelous story. At the heart of the best books is a precious kernel of hope, especially as we watch our hero struggles, fights, and succeeds in attaining his goal. In music and reading, we find the courage to continue.

How do you manage the tough times?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Whistling While You Work Helps You Through Difficult Days – Daily Quote

  1. I find myself humming. My Nan used to hum to herself and us kids thought she was odd. Now I find myself humming earworms without having realised I’d been doing it.
    Sometimes I notice people in supermarkets giving me strange looks and I realise I’m humming again and it’s louder than I thought.
    My husband hates wearing his hearing aids, so is probably unaware of the extent of my weirdness.

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    • Hey Cathy, I hum too, because I can’t whistle. It’s embarrassing, but when I sing, I have to dance too. 😮 Its all good. Just smile and wave at the gawkers in the grocery store. It keeps them off balance. Hope you are having a great day, my friend.

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