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Owning books is a joy. I appreciate seeing my dear friends staring at me from their homes on my bookshelves. I relish running my hand across their spines and visualizing the words, worlds, and adventures we experienced together. These are my loyal companions, and I am determined we will never part company. I enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks, but they can’t compete with the tactile aspects of a real, hardcover book.

I am lucky to have so many purchased volumes populating my bookshelves, but I also exercise my library membership. It is not unusual for me to have five, or six on loan at any point. It comforts me to know money is not a barrier, or an excuse, for not reading different genres. The library is a great resource for indulging without a huge financial commitment. In fact, I am more likely to purchase a book I have borrowed from the library so it can find a home on my shelves. My personal copies are the ones I recommend and lend to friends and family.

My biggest change for the lockdown was when they closed my library. Thankfully, I had just picked up six books, but in extending the due dates, they deleted the books I had placed on hold. Last week, they opened a new bin for returns, and next week, they plan to loan books again. I can’t wait to meet my new best friends.

Do you supplement your purchased books with library books?


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9 thoughts on “Resuming My Reading Addiction – Daily Quote

  1. It’s much more enjoyable to go to the Library and look through books and choose what we want. I admit, I’ve gotten used to using the OverDrive APP to download library books; however, I still enjoy going in and choosing a book. 🙂

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  2. Good question and I do supplement my library with library books. I’m a sucker for the library’s book sales, too. Maybe this is all a layered irony.

    I enthusiastically agree with you about the feel of a hardcover book. And that that’s how to read.

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    • I am so happy my library is re-opening so we can pick up books. While it is still not possible to go inside, I will enjoy the feel of a book in my hands. Hope you are reading something good, Christopher. 📚


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