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I have been experiencing an interesting phenomenon. I’ve recently added a time-consuming project to my agenda, which entails going through completed pieces. My goal is editing, revising, or rewriting them. I wrote some tales over two years ago. That doesn’t sound odd, does it? It is a well document fact that writers often create first drafts, then second, third, and sometimes four or more revisions.

My normal writing process for shorter articles is to write the story quickly, then let the piece sit for a few days. After our cooling-off period, I edit, condense, refine, and polish my work until I am satisfied. I submit a few lucky examples to my critique group. After careful consideration, I incorporate or ignore any comments as appropriate and complete one last review. Stories not sent for criticism sometimes find their way onto my blog. Everything is cataloged and filed on my hard drive, which is subject to frequent backup procedures.

The weird part has been discovering many files contain yarns I have no memory of creating. Zip. Zero. Nada. Anyone could claim to be the author, except they live on my computer, and I am noted at the file’s creator. Reading my forgotten words with a novice’s eyes is a unique experience. Somehow, they no longer belong to me. The undertaking hits with opportune timing, as I realize they have earned their freedom, and need to be released to the wild.

Do you forget the words you have written?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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