Managing Deep Emotional Issues in Search of Your Creativity – Daily Quote


It happens. Wednesday morning brushing your teeth, you realize you no longer recognize the face reflected in your bathroom mirror. Questions break open floodgates. How did you get here? How is this your life? 2020 has disrupted, upended, and rendered any perception of “normal” as invalid. This often results in a hollow emptiness, a sense of surreal dissociation, and uncertainty about moving forward into the future. Depression threatens to consume whatever remains of a shattered soul. What should we do, and how do we fix this? 

Simple answers don’t exist. One size doesn’t fit everyone. We each possess deep wells of untapped capacity and unlimited creativity to devise brilliant solutions. Today’s challenges require us to reconcile actions with our core beliefs. It requires courage to examine the pile, choosing whether to keep or discard the attached baggage. It is a time-consuming, life-searching process.

The bottom line is managing distractions to clear space for creating meaningful work. Writers, artists, and other creatives walk a tightrope. Their goal is forging a path that allows them to use emotions in their work without becoming overwhelmed and shutting down from the enormous burden. The choices are unclear. Are readers looking for explanations, opinions, or clarity in our real world, or would they rather find an escape for a while?

Does your writing reflect the current events?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Managing Deep Emotional Issues in Search of Your Creativity – Daily Quote

    • Looking forward is problematic, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear path forward. But I don’t want to stay here to I am determined to move forward. Still a little escapism fells like a good idea. Stay strong my friend. 💗

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  1. Managing distractions. Which doesn’t mean eliminating them but managing them. That sounds prudent. I imagine distractions can also feed creativity, though not if they overwhelm.

    I think I try to write to today, mostly. Sometimes to yesterday, sometimes to the future. And sometimes to some other day.

    I hope your week is going well for you.

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    • Great point, Christopher. It is very difficult to completely eliminate/control some things. Eventually you get to a negative cost-benefit ratio.
      Keep writing, and have a great week.


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