The Lay of the Land – Weekend Writing Prompt

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Title:  The Lay of the Land

Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt # 166 – Hinterland

Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 87 words


The story repeats in predictable fashion. A hopeful soul blazes through the pristine wilderness, searching for his breakthrough discovery. With luck, his reward is exotic birds, diverse species of rare orchids, and unique animals. Excited, he shares the wonder.

Tiny frontier towns sprout in the hinterland to provide the curious with accommodations while they conduct their research. A steady stream marks the beginning of an erosion that culminates in a deluge. In time, they conserve the endangered and priceless treasures in an isolated park of utopian hell.


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  1. This is appropriately cynical, since this is what we tend to do with wilderness. Put exhibits under glass (like dinner) and ruin the original place. Telling response to the prompt!

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