Finding Fun in Discipline – Daily Quote


What images does the word discipline conjure in your mind?  

Did you picture arduous work, late nights working for the man, submitting to the daily grind required to reach your goals while eliminating fun from your life? The promise of a guaranteed paycheck, predictability, and security offer the illusion of relative ease. They say success’ biggest enemy is the path of least resistance. The prescription is choosing hard work, nose to the grindstone self-sacrifice, forsaking anything entertaining and easy.

Is it the only way? What if discipline came as naturally as breathing? The key lies in determining your core values. What are your important and non-negotiable principals? Are your ambitions aligned with your beliefs? Who mandated the journey to a wonderful existence must be a struggle? Life is an adventure that we are supposed to enjoy. Reaching a goal is a fleeting moment compared to the time we invest in getting there. Imagine if we enjoyed each step and looked forward to attaining the summit. From that advantage, we could see how far we had come and realized we must traverse the valley before scaling the next mountain.

Will you find enjoyment in your discipline?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Finding Fun in Discipline – Daily Quote

  1. Delight in discipline? No way–but yes! it’s possible! Actually, you make a good case for enjoying what we do, even as work, all the time. There should be some enjoyment; otherwise, it’s masochism. And a lifestyle of that should be awful. I guess in part I ritualize what I do every day. I have tea and toast in the morning while I start writing, and lunch becomes a break as well. I open a journal page along with what I aim to do that will be more original. And as I write, I try to feel some pleasure in the words. And sometimes when I finish, the world seems to make more sense for a time.

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    • Yes it is a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Finding a way to do what you love or at least to love what you do is so important. It is amazing that you have devised a ritual to your day, and profound that the simple act of writing grants you a special insight to your world. Keep writing, my friend. 👍

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  2. I enjoy writing my books and blog posts, and don’t think of writing as a discipline. I admit, I waited long years to be able to devote any time to writing, so I’m simply enjoying it now I’ve retired. I have every admiration for people who go out to work and still find time to write at night – especially if they have children. I do try to write something every day but admit that some days my books progress very slowly, especially on days when I have blog posts to write and lots of tweeting to do!

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    • Like you I enjoy my writing time. But life can get in the way and there are many days when my first opportunity to put my fingers on my keyboard doesn’t happen until 10 or 11 pm. The discipline, for me, is to write regardless of how much I would rather just go to bed. Writing every day is a commitment, and it seems it is one you have easily incorporated into your life. Congrats Millie, you are an inspiration. 👍💗

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      • You have the same issue I do too! I have found that writing an Elfchen in bed before I get up really helps to releave the pressure of getting at least one thing written in the day! You might want to try it. They are fun, easy and simple to write. Just eleven words! Use the format below. Only rule – you can’t use the first word as the last word too! Ok. now I’m daring you to try this and see if it helps take away the anxiety of not having written something before late at night. Let me know??

        By Charles Robert Lindholm

        An Elfchen
        At A Stoplight
        Reclaims Time That Was

        Copyright (c) 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
        All Rights Reserved – 08-03-2020 – 2:30 p.m.


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      • Ah, Charles, I am lucky if I can stumble to the bathroom without incident when my alarm sounds. I’m not sure if my morning zombie brain would know which end of a pencil to use. It is a source of much amusement for my family members, who make sure I don’t use power tools before I’ve had a cup or two of coffee. 😄 Still I like your idea. Perhaps I can add your challenge into my lunchtime routine. 👍


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