Enjoying the Struggle Not the Destination – Daily Quote


The internet hums with suggestions to be more productive, run faster, finish the never-ending to-do list. Don’t slacken your pace. Continue to advance to the next great item guaranteed to make our day. We spend our time working hard and achieving our goals. The message is attaining our objectives will bring us gratification. We buy into the mindset, the lifestyle. One by one, we reach the target and discover it leaves us without the fulfillment they promised.

If we are honest, we realize real pleasure, fun and enjoyment lie in the journey, the places we see, the individuals we met, the lives we touch. The struggle is thrilling. Helping each other brings us an unparalleled joy.  These truths etch themselves on our souls and represent the stories we need to tell. These paths filled with hardship and hope are the journeys our readers want to follow.

How do you celebrate the journey?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Enjoying the Struggle Not the Destination – Daily Quote

  1. I think we have many goals during our journey through life, so it should be a case of enjoying every day as it come, no matter what targets we set for each day. Not that it always works out that way – I have as many ‘off’ of ‘down’ days as other people. It can be hard to resist the pressures to be better, faster etc. you mention in so many areas of life. Many people push themselves too hard and suffer as a consequence. A helping hand from others is a wonderful thing, as you say, especially when a person is evidently feeling under a lot of pressure.
    I can only agree that our personal goals should be achieved while enjoying the journey to get there – but most of us know it can be a juggling act to make time to be with our family and friends. Keeping a balance seems to be a key ingredient to me.
    I seem to have waffled myself miles away from your quote Jo! I think sleep is the answer to my problem right now.. Lol 😀

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    • I love your response, Millie. Yes staying on course and taking care of all the things we feel responsible for, can be an overwhelming battle. Remembering to take time to enjoy the ride… well that often gets left out of the equation. I hope you got some rest, and are having a great day, my friend. 😊💗


  2. The good thing (well, a good thing) about the journey is that it goes longer than the results, that are often simply a moment in time. So if we have joy in the journey, then we’re having joy most of the time.

    Happy August to you! (I don’t think I’ve said that yet.)

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    • Yes, Happy August. Sometimes we get so caught up in the goal we forget about enjoying each day. Is it any wonder we are underwhelmed when we cross a big item off the list? I hope you are enjoying each and every step of the journey. 😄

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