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We hear this advice a lot, ‘Do your best,’ they say. But how do you go about it? Start by using yesterday as your baseline. What did you accomplish? Identify one item you could improve upon, then do it better, and faster. Incremental improvement is all you need. As you are working, throughout the day, let your passion seep into your work and do each task as if you intend to create a masterpiece.

Pretend you live a world-class life. You are the master chef when you prepare your morning coffee.  As the Prima Ballerina, you dance, floating gracefully into the shower, where Drake has curated your morning playlist. You channel your world-class stylist as you complete your morning routine. Coco selects your outfit and accessories. At work, your inner Einstein helps you complete your spreadsheet, Banksy illustrates your PowerPoints, while Hemmingway composes your emails, and Dale Carnegie conducts your meetings.

Bob Harper leads you through a grueling workout, Danica Patrick drives you to the grocery store, and Julia Childs prepares your dinner. Vow to give up using excuses for why you can’t. Get out of your way and start. Keep your promises to others, without fail. But realize it’s just as, even more, important to keep the promises you make to yourself.  Get a good night’s sleep, dream beautiful dreams, then do it 1% better tomorrow.

How will you make today better than yesterday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Stop Wishing, Create Your World-Class Life with Daily Increments – Daily Quote

  1. Gee, I want all those people, too! Really, the advice is sound. Do something, some small thing, that’s personally progressive. A few years ago, I brought into my living space two offices’ worth of things. Mostly books and way too much (of everything). For a while, everything sat or stood there in columns of boxes. Then a few months ago, I started going through them, one box by one. If I went through only one box in a day, then that’s what I accomplished. Finally, I culled my entire working library. Now I’m going through the rest, a box by box.

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    • Ah I hate those tasks that look too large for one person to handle. I have one of these types of jobs looming on the horizon. Like you I will be setting small daily goals to take care of everything. My hat is off to you on sticking to it and getting it done. There is nothing like the feeling of getting a job done. Congratulations. 👍💗

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