The Difficult Job of Making It Look Easy – Daily Quote


Steve Jobs makes being a creative sound easy. You simply connect random things in unique ways. Then you can feel guilty because you didn’t really do anything. Bah.

Being creative requires guts and hard work. You must be willing to fail, to learn from your failure, and to look at your problem from multiple angles until you find the right answer. When nothing works, you return to the drawing board and develop a new plan. Thomas Edison created multiple versions of a lightbulb that didn’t work. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times in his career, compared to his 714 career home runs.

Yes, creatives have a knack for seeing from a different point of view. They can take experiences and thoughts, and craft them in new ways, create new ideas, new processes, and new things. But it doesn’t happen without work, experimentation, and risk.

What risks are you taking today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “The Difficult Job of Making It Look Easy – Daily Quote

  1. Making it look easy is an actor’s job more than an entrepreneur’s, I’d think. And creativity is hard–you know that. If I’m not on stage, I’m not sure if I think about purported ease one way or another. It’s hard enough to pull it off without worrying about posture.

    I guess the greater risk I take today and probably tomorrow is simply to keep going.

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    • Ha I don’t volunteer to step on any stage. You might be surprised at the brand building and image curation some entrepreneurs engage in.

      Keep going, my friend. There is still plenty of work to be done. 💗

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