Reject Your Fear, and Embrace the Magic in Your Heart – Daily Quote


Contemplating a new project is exhilarating. Excitement runs high as we envision the joy and satisfaction we expect from a completed task. The pros far outweigh the cons, there is no question we should proceed. So why do we become experts at delaying? We know what it requires, the essential steps, but we procrastinate, we wait, we opt to pursue less productive activities.

Whether we fear failure, dread increased responsibility based on our success, or find ourselves paralyzed by the desire for perfection, we need an answer. We must tap into our passion and enthusiasm. Do you remember that feeling?  

Procrastination lives in our heads, and the fastest way to dispel it is to move. Exercise, take a walk, spend time with optimistic people, get your blood flowing, and feel it coursing through your body. Then channel those emotions and start your work.

How do you find your magic?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Reject Your Fear, and Embrace the Magic in Your Heart – Daily Quote

  1. Fear can paralyze. I think your advice to get moving, physically, is just right. Then we can move in other ways. I’m not sure how I find magic or perhaps where. In the world, in a book, in my imagination. Hmm, again, it’s a good question.

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