Capture Your Soul’s Quest for Knowledge to Fire Your Imagination – Daily Quote


Do you gaze at our brilliant blue atmosphere as clouds drift by, and imagine pirate ships, cannon fire, and pirates swinging from the yardarm? Do you see creamy silver-lined bunnies chewing dandelions and carrot tops they pilfered from Mr. McGregor’s garden?

I spy an elephant ankle-deep in a river, using its trunk to splash water on its back. I have watched puffs of white cotton run from the approaching tempest and wondered if they found a place to hide. Or did the slate gray, rain-laden thunderheads swallow them whole?

The night sky conjures images of galaxies light-years away with extraterrestrials orbiting their planet. I wish upon the north star, plastered against velvety black heaven, and I wonder if someone in another universe is seeking confirmation from this same illumination. Are they alone, frightened, in need of a friend? It is human nature to chart the skies. Daytime clouds and nighttime stars demand answers to impossible questions. Energy crackles through the cosmos that sparks our imaginations and conjures fantastical explanations that change our world.

What worlds do you discover when you look upwards?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Capture Your Soul’s Quest for Knowledge to Fire Your Imagination – Daily Quote

  1. What worlds do I discover when I look upwards? I’m not looking for another world, I’m always looking and hoping I will see my loved ones or a clear visible sign like a cloud shape or a cluster of stars we’ve shared together.
    Interesting post, Jo.

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