Your Next Steps Are Clear When You Listen to Your Heart – Daily Quote


The advice to do whatever comes next sounds easy, but it may be easier said than done. Life is complex and ever-changing, never static, or simple. But that complexity creates beauty, opportunities, and makes us unique individuals. So, how do you determine your course of action? You can apply logic, plot a path, construct a timeline, and develop detailed plans. Your map shows you exactly how to proceed. Still, you hesitate, claiming your heart isn’t in it. You might be correct.

Having doubts may signal a misalignment between your head and your heart. These are the moments to return to the drawing board and reexamine your motives. Why are you rushing? Do you need to heal? Do you lack information? Or are you afraid of taking the first steps and committing to your project? The way forward calls for clarity of your intentions and motivations. Consult with others, a mentor, a parent, a therapist, or a trusted friend, knowing they can’t answer your questions. Rather, use them as sounding boards to help you sort your emotions. Write, journal, and make your thoughts visible, then contemplate the validity of your words, and seek your truth.

Be kind to yourself and drop self-judgment. Making great wine requires grapes, a recipe, and with the work completed, what remains demands patience and waiting. It takes as long as it takes. While you wait, distract yourself with other activities, clean the house, workout, reflect, and create space for the answers to unfold from the depths of your heart.

What is next on your list?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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