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Admit it. You have had horrendous, awful coffee, and you have had coffee so divine you swear you hear angels singing as you sip. This weekend’s cooler temperatures are the vanguard announcing the official start of fall on Tuesday. Increased ragweed pollen and leaf mold trigger itchy eyes, runny noses, and the ever-present headache. I have tried every allergy medication on the market with varying benefits and many undesirable side effects. My go-to home remedy is my morning cup of Joe.

I’m not a coffee snob, and I have drunk my share that is anemic and watery, or so strong it almost required chewing. I have had vile, bitter brews that induced full-bodied shudders, and foul-tasting stale, metallic, or burnt, crude crud. The worst insult is when they serve coffee cold. Still, terrible coffee is better than facing the day empty-handed.

Mornings pose countless challenges, especially when you factor in my inability to function well until after the first jolt of caffeine hits my bloodstream. Long ago, I learned the best strategy is to idiot-proof the preparation by staging for a resounding victory. The night before, I prep the kitchen counter. Clean pot? Check. Filtered water? Check. Beans, burr grinder, and measuring spoon? Check, check, and check. Is everything staged and ready for the decaffeinated zombie me? Perfect. With any luck, it won’t be an epic fail.

How do you set yourself up for success?


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