Creating Phenomenal Success by Accepting Your Today’s Best Effort – Daily Quote


When we first start a new endeavor, our ultimate success or failure is often even odds. Tipping the scales in our favor comes when we apply our best effort towards our goal. A dogged determination helps us conquer setbacks and challenges, and an optimistic attitude keeps our spirits lifted.

If we are fortunate, inspiration arrives when we flounder, and mentors who have traveled a similar pathway offer guidance and insight as we take the journey along our chosen path. Setting and striving for a goal is noble.  Keeping our intentions focused like a laser beam is a herculean task. No mere human can help but fail. The objective is not to attain perfection, and we are kidding ourselves if we believe we will not encounter difficulties.

The reward is in attaining incremental improvements every day. Success lives within us when we rise after each defeat. Those small daily, hourly, and minute by minute victories build confidence.  We won’t have to wonder, “what if I had tried just one more time?” In life, nobody applauds the make or break decisions that define genuine achievement. Look around and congratulate yourself on the phenomenal progress you made today.

How will you celebrate your best today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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