Refuse Inevitable Failure and Explore an Exciting New Path to Success – Daily Quote


This year has not gone to plan. The unexpected backward jerk, the forceful forward jolt, followed by a sudden stop, reminds me of when another driver rear-ended me. Whiplash, the doctor said. The accident extended my muscles and ligaments beyond their normal range of motion. Immediately after the collision, I didn’t feel too bad. Then the pain and stiffness began, accompanied by headaches, dizziness, and difficulty focusing. The worst part was how tired I was, regardless of how long I slept.

In January, I had charted a well-worn track. It was tested, proven, and guaranteed to end with my goals completed. For the first time, my formula hasn’t worked. I tweaked and adjusted, prodded and probed, and as the familiar saying goes, I kept beating a dead horse, expecting a miracle. My reward culminated with extreme self-doubt and desperation. At last, I tossed my old ways aside and opted to forge an alternative path.

Going off-trail has made me painfully aware of my need to stay oriented. I am mindful of keeping my bearings, determining my precise position, and checking for obstacles that might complicate a straight-ahead course. While my progress has been slower than expected, I have discovered a delightful mosaic of unseen places and glimpses into wondrous and unfamiliar worlds. I’m blazing through an unexplored landscape, and it seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

What course corrections are you exploring?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Refuse Inevitable Failure and Explore an Exciting New Path to Success – Daily Quote

  1. This was an interesting post. Do you mean with remodeling, COVID, etc. that all of “these things” have put you off course? Sometimes we NEED to go of course, so we become creative in a NEW way; otherwise, we become a creature of comfort on the same narrow path. Hang in there… for me, I am making progress on my children’s books. It’s been slow, but picking up pace. Re-writes are SO HARD. I MISS going to a coffee shop or sitting in the library. Our new world and winter is coming so MORE time at home! Many debut authors being published for children’s books. Competitive, but gotta BELIEVE in our work! FORCE AHEAD Jo Hawk!!

    You will be published soon!

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    • Hey – I have a question. Recently, when I go to post a comment, it starts FLASHING in YELLOW about THREE times BEFORE it POSTS. Does that happen to YOU when you post a comment? Feel Free to do a test on one of my posts… Curious if it is only happening to me or something NEW going on.

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    • Ha, yes. This year pretty much everything has gone sideways. I am all for examining current processes and procedures, and finding new, innovative, and more efficient structures. But typically I look at one area at a time. This year it feels like we are throwing the baby out with the bath water. 😮 Like you I miss my time at the coffee shop, but it sounds like you are making good progress on your book. Congratulations on staying focused. The stuff worth doing takes time an effort. I know you will be a great success. 👍

      Thanks for the encouragement… it is just what I needed today. 💗

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      • Yes, PLEASE, stay positive. Oh, one thing I found was a Critique group. I didn’t belong to one. That has helped, as we critique our writings each week, so I “have to” submit something. I needed accountability with other writers. It’s been too quiet and lonesome working remote from home.

        I think you are writing a novel, yes? Do you have a critique group?

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      • Yes, I found a group I like, but they decided to change the meetings to a day I have difficulties fitting into my schedule. Between that and bad internet at the hotel, I have not been participating like I should. Sideways, again. 😄

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