You Can Overcome Insurmountable Obstacles With A Solid Plan – Daily Quote


I have a monthly ritual. I analyze my word counts, compare totals against my goals, and I set my schedule for October. During my most recent review, it shocked me to realize less than 90 days remain. The countdown stands at 65. It’s a source of distress for me. Normally, those numbers have little impact, but we are talking about 2020. Holidays add extra pressure. Celebrations, family obligations, and worry about what new obstacles this year has in store, cut my normal scheduling availability by ten days. My average word count will drop, but I am not willing to accept an avoidable disappointment. There are ways to reach my objectives.

November and NaNoWriMo begin on Sunday, but writing 50,000 words in 30 days feels like a daunting task. For the next 65 days, I have resolved to stop multitasking and instead concentrate on finishing one task before starting another. I have dedicated a cute notebook to collect random thoughts that often distract me from my current job. My aim is to eliminate a handful of low-priority habits and devote the time to higher valued assignments. I will plan my days the evening before and schedule my most significant work as item number one on my To-Do list. I pledge to complete that job before doing anything else. It means I am moving my daily writing session from afternoons to first thing in the morning. Well, second after my coffee, of course.

How do you plan to reach your goals?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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