Achieving the Impossible with Your List as Your Guide — Daily Quote


I am late to the party. I’m unsure if I am 100% committed. A mere three days remain to get my head into the game, narrow my focus, and devise a plan. It happens this time every year. The writing world gears up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo), and together, we embark on individual quests to compose 50,000 words during the 30 days of November.

Writers around the globe dedicate October to preparing for the event. They outline, identify plot points, write character studies and premise statements, organize notes, clean their workspace, and establish a daily routine. Some writers rearrange everyday life to give them the best chance for success. I applaud their dedication to the goal. But while I consider myself an organizer and a planner with the commitment and the drive to win, I have not mastered the art of NaNo prep.

I first took part in 2016. It was an impulsive decision made a few days before the kickoff. Somehow, in my novice state of oblivion, I hit the target. The draft languishes in the computer equivalent of my bottom desk drawer, waiting for a rewrite. I skipped 2017, and in 2018 I wrote a series of short stories that resulted in my second win. In 2019 I went bust when I ran into a brick wall at 12,000 words.

Now I sit, contemplating a track record of even-year wins, and I wonder if I can claim victory again.

Are you participating in NaNo? Are you prepared?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Achieving the Impossible with Your List as Your Guide — Daily Quote

  1. I tried last year, but was not quite into it. I think they idea is that sometimes we ALL need that nudge to focus and write. So, do what FEELS good for you. 12,000 words last year was better than none. This year, maybe it is more OR maybe pull the old manuscript out and work on a revision.

    I am working on rewrites to 5 children’s books that I have written. Seems like it should be easy, but it is not… trying to focus. There have to be some WINS in 2020, right! GOOD LUCK!

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    • I am all for wins. This year I look for even tiny reasons to celebrate. ✨

      Rewrites are very difficult… at least they are for me, so my hat is off to you for tackling 5 of them. WOW.

      I am still working/thinking on a plan for NaNo. We will see what happens, but today 50k words is not sounding like that much. 😮

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      • For me, it’s about getting a longer story started, flushed out a bit. One thing about COVID is that there are so many writers sharing their ideas/thoughts on Zoom, which would not have been available before. We would have had to pay a lot of $$ to go to conference, pay entry fee, hotel, food, etc. Now, less expensive and taped recordings. FANTASTIC!

        BUT… gets tiring sitting at computer ALL day. Anyhow, forging ahead. We CAN DO THIS!

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