Listen to Your Inner Artist and Discover the Language of Art – Daily Quote


What makes art, art? What criteria elevate mere mortals to the exalted title of  “artist?”

It is a question august scholars have grappled with, argued, defined, and debated. There have been entire books written on the subject. Some say if you call it art, then it is art. Experts stipulate art must be beautiful, or they impose conditions that demand skill, training, and sophistication. Each requirement is open to interpretation and personal preferences. I have not found the committee that makes the final determination.

I regard art as a vehicle used to convey information, a concept, a belief, a thought, an emotion — feelings. An artist creates. They mold a mishmash of disparate materials, manipulating them to construct an extraordinary means of communication. Not everyone understands the artist’s language, but still, the message can change everything. I don’t get caught up in labels and titles and hair-splitting nuances. Instead, I like to do, produce, invent, and dream of possibilities.

A magnificent trait I see in people calling themselves artists is their ability to solve problems. They challenge the limits of the status quo, stretch the imagination, consider the impossible, and transform the intangible into a reality they can share with others. They approach common concepts from unique perspectives, and they take deliberate actions that force them to face their fears. Confronting what terrifies them is easier than not taking any action. I believe the soul of an artist dwells inside every human. It is our mission to find our distinct voice, listen, and dare to create magic.

Why do you create?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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