Golden Autumn’s Call to Arms – Daily Quote


Last weekend snowflakes knocked on my door, but Mother Nature scolded Old Man Winter and warned him it was not yet his time to rule the weather. Thanks to her intervention, the glorious vigor has returned with a triumph of autumn color. Vibrant yellows, glistening golds, and intense ambers filled with the wisdom of the ages slowly transform into rusts, burnt oranges, and dusty browns.

By day, sunlight plays hide and seek among earth’s radiant hues, and gentle breezes showcase dancing leaves against the sky’s clear blue backdrop. The moon refused to miss the joyful revive. Luna rises late, eager to cast an ethereal glow for those of us who fight to acclimate to daylight savings time. Orion, my beloved hunter, appears on the edge of the horizon, and the games begin.

I love these days. The warm temperatures recall summer’s heat, but a chill warning encourages action. There is joy woven on a bed of urgency, and it drives me to make haste, and prepare before winter comes to stay.

What is on your autumn agenda?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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