Enjoy Your Future by Falling Into the Beautiful Habit of Letting Go – Daily Quote


Spring tops everyone’s favorite season list. It’s hard to deny the attraction of delicate blossoms and the promising signs of life after a long, barren winter. Many taint autumn’s splendors with the weight of death and dying, sadness and grief. I consider it a time of great transition. Any seasoned gardener knows a successful spring showing begins each autumn, and this annual event is a cause for celebration, appreciation, and hope for the coming year.

We resist change. We cling to our past, trusting established patterns, which construct a self-made prison, where we bind ourselves in chains. Uncomfortable with the unknown, we close our minds to exquisite possibilities and lock ourselves into our comfort zone. We have the key. We only need to let go. Trees recognized the futility of clinging to their magnificent foliage. Those leaves served their purpose, and as they fall to the ground, they will fulfill their destiny, decaying into nourishing compost.

Cold weather is a catalyst that sets into motion events that lead to the desired goal. Gardeners use this time to prune and cut, lightening the load, shedding excess baggage, and keeping what is necessary to fuel future growth. They improve the foundations and dream of new beginnings. What could be more beautiful?

Do you need to let go?


Keep on writing.

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