The Wonder and Excitement of an Everyday Birthday – Daily Quote


Poo Bear says some pretty smart things, often without realizing how insightful his comments are. Today marks an annual turning point for me. Each November, my schedule blossoms spewing activity into every corner of my life and creating my frantic To-Do list. It is a product of the impending holiday season and my compelling need to run a tight ship. This year, turmoil highlights the uncertainty surrounding reworking tested, age-old traditions. Cursed with a Type-A, goal-driven, no mountain is too high, personality, feeling overwhelmed, goes with the territory.

With every project, there is a pivotal moment when I question my sanity. Who thought planting 250 tulip bulbs in the front flowerbed one afternoon was a good idea? Who committed me to the Twelve Dozen Days of Christmas Cookie Exchange? Who thought completing an entire house remodel started before the onset of a worldwide pandemic was possible? Who would consider writing 50k words in a month as something a sane person should undertake? Welcome to 2020, where the unexpected has become de rigueur.

I find myself calm, and dare I say, happy? I have sore, tired muscles, not only from my fall gardening chores but from schlepping boxes, cleaning construction dust, and caring for my sweetheart after his operation. Completing my daily task list in a single day is impossible, yet somehow everything gets done. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. Each morning is a clean slate, full of infinite potential and excitement for what lies ahead.

What wonders does today hold for you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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