The Dilemma of Sunday Afternoon Possibilities – Daily Quote


Sunday is unlike any other day, and it holds a special place in my heart. Wedged into the weekend’s end, Sundays represent a time of ease, relaxation, and less structured busy housework. Freedom, lack of structure, and general flailing about without a set plan, wears on my need for an ordered schedule and measurable productivity. I feel my anxiety rising, and I long to transition to more productive work. While others nap, play games, and indulge in binge-watching favorite shows, my fingers itch, my mind looks forward, and my body hums with a desire to act.

Thoughts turn to possibilities. Rested and recharged, I can’t wait to begin again. I pull out my planner, review the past week, assess where I stand, and plot my path. The start of a new week carries so much promise, and I front-load my week’s plans. The surging strength within me demands direction. I devise a strategy to channel my intensity toward tackling onerous tasks, pushing a project across the finish line, or maybe clearing the slate, and embarking on a fantastical endeavor.

The adage counsels us to “make hay while the sun shines.” I plan to take an enormous bite from my task list while my energy is at its peak. The afternoon is perfect for setting the stage, so in the morning, I can explode out of the gate.

How will you spend your Sunday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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