Black Friday Extravaganza–my books + courses on sale this weekend

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Happiness is good stuff on sale, amiright?

And I have some marvelous stuff on sale for you!

First off, did you know I just published a self-help book for creatives? It’s called Positively Creative ~ harness the magic of a positive mindset for joyful creative living. I wrote it during quarantine, when creativity was the way I coped with all the difficulties in the world.

I also created a deck of affirmation cards (titled Positively Creative), which work nicely with the book but also are a great tool on their own. Kind of like pizza—pairs well with other foods but also perfectly fine on its own. But I digress…

You can learn more about my two latest products here at this link here on my site >>>Positively Creative.

Both of these products are on sale this weekend! They make great gifts for you or someone you love!!


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