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Lately, a topic has been surfacing in my feeds: finding your writing voice. It is not something I had considered. So, I searched for explanations and directions, only to find the best advice disappointing. Comments included the usual lineup of admonitions ranging from write to read more, and my favorite, know your audience. While they have merit, they are insufficient in developing and allowing a voice to develop. Once again, I rely on my own devices to generate an approach to my newest problem.

Here is what I decided. To develop your unique style, you need to realize who you are. I am a numbers person who appreciates facts and logic. Concise, pointed writing resonates with me. I also enjoy surprising descriptions and singing words that embed themselves in your head like an ear-worm. My daily practice is a joy, and it doesn’t qualify as work per se. Those qualities must seep into my stories.

Sharing your creations to gain feedback is another necessary step. Good critiques can confirm when your message hits the mark and identify where it falls short. When you internalize additional information or write a new piece, it gives you knowledge, experience, maturity, and it changes you. As you change, your method of expression changes too. In time, you connect more deeply with the inner you.

Does your writing reflect your values?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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